zondag 21 december 2014


Hi lovely people,

Christmas is almost here, whoop whoop. I'm super excited! 
This week is full of family get togethers and Christmas parties at work school. 
Another reason to dress up nice and have fun! The only problem is, I always have trouble finding what to wear. I went to every store for the perfect dress but couldn't find something good and affordable. I don't want to spend too much on a dress, especially if it's only for one night. I don't have that luxury. So I just have to play with what I've got. I think the key is: accessories and your hair & makeup. Since everybody is going for "the perfect dress" I decided to go for a two piece outfit. I wore this pencil skirt super casually up until now. I paired it with a leather peplum top to dress it up a little. The heels and necklace make it more party appropriate I think.  And of course I stayed in my black and white pallet I can't seem to get rid of. Staying neutral and working with basic pieces can get you far, we just have to spice it up with the accessories! I'm happy with the result and hope it will give you a little idea for your outfit. 

To stay in the Christmas spirit, I decided to host a give away! OH YEAH. It's my first give away and if it goes well, I'm thinking about doing one every month. It's important to give back more often, not just during Christmas. I decided to give away this cute bag, I bought it in London so it is extra special to me. It comes with a dust bag and it's a limited edition bag, isn't that nice?
Below you can see the bag and the rules for the giveaway.
I hope you enjoy it and please share your Christmas outfit ideas and tips!
Have a great Sunday and good luck with the Christmas preparations!

Talk yo you soon.
Hugs and Kisses,


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That's all!

I will announce the winner on January 4th
Good luck <3

zondag 7 december 2014


Hi everybody
I went to London for a little bit and wanted to share it with you.
It was my first time in London and I was so amazed! I didn't expect anything because I thought it would be like every other European city, I was wrong of course. We began our trip very early, over packed and all in Westminister and the city sucked us right in.
The streets remind me of Paris in some way, the architecture and the big streets look a like.
My friend and I didn't plan anything so we asked random people for directions and it surprised me how polite and sweet the people are! Also the fashion is on point, I must say. I expected people to be dressed like the cast of Geordie shore but everybody was so chic and stylish. All the 30+ people were dressed in nice long coats and chic shoes. The women looked beautiful, hair and make up did like they were going to a party. It is definitely not like that here in Holland I'll tell you that. And the younger people had a Tumblr, vintage style going on which I really like. I wish I brought my big camera to make streetstyle pictures but, that would've been a great post! Next time I'm in London I'm definitely going to do that. I love how the cirty and the people didn't meet all of the stereotypes. The city is so much more then red phone cells, funny cabs and Beans & sausage everywhere.
Of course we took the tube and tried the British accent, haha. I must say I didn't understand people quite well because of the different accents but it was fun to decode what they were saying to us hihi. We visited the London eye and the Big Ben, Camden Town, Oxfordstreet of course,we did the touristic stuff but we also explored little side streets for fun. I never knew it was that big and so many people with different background live there, it's amazing to see.
London looked magical in the evening with the Christmas decoration and everything and it overall inspired me so much! I need to go back very soon and explore a little more <3
I hope you all have a great Sunday and if u have great tips for London please share in the comment section below!

Also, I created 2 new pages, you can find them at the top of this page. The first one is called "shop my closet', here you can find items I don't personally use (anymore) and would like to share with you. Maybe it can make somebody else happy. The second page is called "visit" here you can find sites I recommend and want to introduce to you. I already did a post about a brand called DOBRO. Their philosophy and (life)style interested me so check them out and tell them what you think!



vrijdag 21 november 2014


Hi everybody,

Having a nice Friday so far? 
I'm trying to slowly get back to blogging. I worked a lot lately so still trying to find a balance.
I have lots of ideas, I cant wait to share everything with you! So please don't give up on me hihi. Also, I've been struggling with my style. Do you ever have those periods? Like you can't dress yourself anymore? Even though you have a closet full of clothes. I feel like I worn everything and need a change.
The past weeks I've been loving minimalistic fashion and lifestyle. Just the thought of having everything you need and no random things cluttering everything up is really refreshing to me. Especially in fashion this minimalist lifestyle is ideal. You never look weird in basic and or good pieces. Below is my first attempt to minimalist style. I'm just trying some things out, see if it works for me. I hope you like it! It's a short post but will blog again soon.
Oh and does anybody know any good blogs or books about minimalism? 
Comment down below, I'm very interested.
Have a lovely weekend and until next time!


zaterdag 30 augustus 2014


Happy Saturday everyone!
I have another post for you. This time I wanted to show you what I wore to my first day of school and as an extra I will show you a little tip to transform your day look in to an evening look.

Now the first day of school is always a special day. Everybody came back from vacation or is beginning a new study in another city, don't know anybody etc. Of course you want to show the best version of you and it's always a good idea to dress nice, you know, for that confidence boost. No matter what we say to ourselves, the fist impression is very important. I even do a 'first impression assignment' with my trainees, because fact is: our judgments are based on our appearance. It's not ideal of course but this is what happens. For a first day I wouldn't go overboard with the accessories, make up or anything really. That would only 'scare' people away. It's not a fashionshow but you do want to show your personality and have a nice 'fresh' look, be approachable I would say. In the end we want to make friends, be ourselves and have a great time during college, high-school or whatever.
For my personal look I choose my favorite skirt. It's such a classic, I can combine it with basically anything and I feel good in it. That's very important I think, to feel comfortable and good in your outfit. 
My booties and stockings dresses the look up, so for a day look I wanted to dress it down. One of the best ways to do that is by adding denim to your outfit. Denim is always associated with casual wear so works every time. For the color pallet I didn't really go wild. I kept it neutral, mostly because it's not summer anymore in Holland and we are right in that transitional weather. So neutral is always a good idea. I added a big bag to dress the outfit down even more and of course so I can carry my whole life with me to school, because that's a must when you're a girl hihi.
I also added a pink lipstick but you can't really see in the pictures. Just for a fresh look and a pop of color.
One last thing is that I always layer my outfit. You never know what the temperature is in classes. It always varies in my school. Sometimes it's freezing and sometimes it super hot. I also like to go outside during my breaks so always have a jacket, cardigan or maybe a sweater over your blouse etc. Options are endless! 
That was really it for my outfit. It's really simple but still fun I think.

To sum up my tips for your first school day:

1. Don't go overboard with make up and or accessories
2. Try something you feel comfortable and good in
3. Use pop's of colors to spice your outfit up
4. Dress in layers

I hope you liked this outfit and my tips! Comment how you would dress for your first day in school and how, would love to read about it :) 
My first day was great, I already made some friends hihi.
After school I went out for diner with my friends. Down below are some tips to dress up your look if you don't have time to go home before your evening out. It helped me so maybe you will find it helpful as well.

Have a lovely day everyone!



So if you don't have any time to go home after work or school and still want to look a little dressed for your evening out, here is what I did.

1. Add accessories. A nice necklace, earrings, rings, anything you want to spice up the look
2.  Change your big day- bag for a nice clutch or little bag
3. Add lipstick or smoke your eyes up
4. Combine different materials in your day time outfit. 
In my case I combined a chiffon top with denim, a leather skirt and black stockings. The trick is to remove all 'casual' items so you can have your evening look. 
(I obviously took off my denim)

Hope it helped and have a great day!

maandag 11 augustus 2014


Hi everybody,

Oh yes, it happened.... I went to freaking P A R I S! yay.
It was my first time and boy was it good.
Me and my friend went for one day and we had such a great time.
I fell in love with the great architecture, I love all those little details and the colors. It's so pretty, even the doors and little balconies are so cute. Such a great place to take a lot of pictures. Sometime I forgot to take pictures though, because we wanted to enjoy our time there. I was so impressed by the great views and the Eiffel Tower! Me and my friend definitely want to go back because we have a lot more places to visit, we also need to get macarons and crêpes the next time!  We did do a lot for one day. We saw the Arc de Triomph, we went to Champs Élysées, the Eiffel Tower, the 'love' bridge and went on the subway and of course did a little shopping and dining.
We did have to search for nice places to eat. We want to plan everything next time, just so we don't have to search for places which takes up a lot of time. (Anybody tips on that?) I did like the fact that we walked around a lot. This definitely was a pre- trip, next time we want to spend the night there and do a lot more fun stuff! 
I definitely fell in love with this place, I already love the language so to me it is a really happy place to be. It was nice to get out of he country, It felt like a mini vacation which was very needed. Now it is back to working life and need to get to work on this freaking thesis I have been neglecting.
I'm already tired of thinking about it, hihi.
Have a great evening darlings!