maandag 28 juli 2014


Hi precious people,

How is your Monday so far? I just came back from work and wanted to share this midsummer look with you, which I wore yesterday! I love me an all white look, too bad I didn't find a great pair of white shoes yet to go with the all white look. 
So many things happened in the past couple of weeks! From Gaza and MH17 to festivals and beach days. What a contrast don't you think? The least I could do is pray for all the innocent people and be there for my friend who lost a good friend of hers - may his soul rest in peace- If there is one thing I have learned from these incidents, it's that you really have to live your life tot the fullest, do things that make you happy, be really thankful for everything in your life and that we could be a little nicer to each other. We are "consuming" so so much, we often forget about the things that really matter! Things that aren't materialistic. We're all busy with impressing other people and working for more money so we can buy more stuff, competing or fighting for stupid things. As much as I love fashion, my iPhone and all those fancy stuff, happiness can be found in other not materialistic, more lasting things like family, love, friendship, knowledge, health, traveling- seeing the world and so on. It's great that I can express my creative side through fashion, and if that could inspire only one person, that would make me feel really happy. Making people feel good about themselves and about this world is a beautiful thing in my opinion. That's why I am also working hard on my master degree, because I truly have the desire to help , inspire, create and make a little difference here and there. What are your dreams? And what do you think is important in this life? Days like this really make me think about this topic. Bottom line here is: enjoy your freaking life as long as it lasts!
That being said, I'm going to have a lovely diner with my family right now!
Have a great evening and remember to be kind - I feel like Ellen when I say this, but you get my message right? hihi

Bye Bye,


zondag 13 juli 2014


Hi everyone,

Here is a quick outfit of the day! It's getting a little warmer in Holland so I don't have to wear tights anymore YAY. I booked a trip to Paris so I'm going to visit France next month with my lovely friend, I'm so excited. I haven't had a good vaca in the last two years so any little trip will do for me! If you have any great (visiting) suggestions for Paris, please comment below! Today is the World Cup Final, it's so sad Holland didn't make it to the finals but at least we ended at third place. I'm going to watch the game today with family and of course eat a lot of food, which is the best part in my opinion hihi. I should work on my thesis proposal but I am just so lazy for school. It's summer and I really want to enjoy the sun and do fun stuff. Hopefully I can work on it this week, thank god my professor is on vacation so I don't have to deal with pressure e-mails! 
Let's hope for a beautiful productive week! but until that time... I am all over food, soccer and fun with my friends.
Have a great day everybody!



zondag 29 juni 2014


 Hi bubbles,

Having a beautiful day? I'm having a lazy sunday right now. I worked full time this week and went to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute graduation show yesterday. It was really inspiring and so much fun to see! I have so many ideas and want to do more creative stuff.  I't something what makes me happy and I need to do more with things that inspire me. 
I wore my new poodle skirt yesterday hihi, love it but the wind decided to Marilyn Monroe my skirt which was a little bit embarrassing! It happened twice that day! The second time was on Central Station! Everybody saw it and I slooooowley walked away haha, it was so stupid and awkward. So from now on I'm always going to wear an underskirt to avoid wardrobe malfunction. 
Hope you'll all have a great and productive day.
I need to work on my thesis, I'm procrastinating so much it's getting ridiculous. Wish me luck and
enjoy the day!



zondag 22 juni 2014


Hi lovely people,
Here's a quick outfit of the day. I know it's officially summer but the weather isn't that warm here in Holland.
I just started taking sewing classes with my best friend yesterday! It's so much fun and I can't wait till I can make my own dresses and skirts.
I also started working fulltime at this eye hospital so I am super busy. It's not part of my original summer plan, I wanted to blog more but hey, I have to work on my resume and save up money for a good camera and a trip to the sun! 
Hope you're doing well and keep up with you soon!


zaterdag 17 mei 2014


Hi lovely readers!
How is your Saturday so far? It's been awhile. I had to finish my proposal for my thesis and I was very busy with teaching. I finally have some time off and the sun is shining yay! Yesterday I was bonding with one of my students, well actually shes not my student anymore but we really have a great connection. She loves fashion too and we found out we have a lot more in common. We're planning on shooting lots of outfit of the days! I am really happy I found someone I can share this with and hopefully I can post more often from now on.
It's funny how friendship can grow really fast, it keeps amazing me every time. Thank god she's not my student anymore. We would have very inappropriate relationship haha. What do you look for in a friendship? I found out I really need a bubbly personality and someone I can have really fun conversations with but still have to be able to quickly change to more sensitive/ heavy subjects. So a multifunctional friend I think. You know you sometimes have this one friend you can joke around with and this other friend you can have more deep conversations, I need a multitasker for sure! I saw a lot of people come and go, so loyalty is very important for me as well as a supportive person. Someone who lifts your spirit, brings out the best in you. 
I don't know why I am rambling so much about a friendship but the past few days it really made me think about this subject. What do I need from a friend and what did I learn so far? The biggest lesson is that you really have to cut negative people out of your life. People who envy you, put you down or only concern about themself  is never good for a relationship I think. I rather have 2 good friends than 200 'fake'or selfish friends. Quality over quantity is the rule in my book!
Anyways I hope I didn't bore you with my friendship post haha, but I wanted to write It down for myself. I'am really curious how other people think about this subject, so share your thoughts if you like, I would love to read it.
Now it's time for me and my friends to go out. It's saturday so we're going to have some drinks in a little bit.

I hope you'll have a great weekend! 


Today's outfit:
Necklaces- H&M/ T-shirt- Primark/ Jeans- Coolcat/ Shoes- Zara/ Wallet- Primark

zondag 27 april 2014


I've spend this weekend at my aunts farm, it's such a beautiful place and I finally had a chance to do absolutely nothing. No wonder I have a ton of energy again, I really enjoyed the mini vaca.
A quick outfit share and I'm ready for the week! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well and good luck this week, may it be a productive one! 

Today's look:
Vest- H&M/ Cropped top- H&M/ Shoes- Allstars/ Necklace- Primark/ Sunglasses- The six